Books UnBound

Logo for Books Unbound.

Books UnBound is a subscription-based online library of State Bar of Wisconsin CLE Books (the “puffy brown binders”).

Books UnBound is not intended to replace the print books but rather to promote greater flexibility for members to conduct legal research.

Log into Books UnBound here with your own WI State Bar ID/password.

Accessing Books UnBound

  • UW Law Students may register for free access through the State Bar’s Law Student Associates Program.
  • UW Law Instructors may request to have a new or existing WI State Bar ID/password connected to the Law Library’s Books UnBound subscription. Email Emma Babler for assistance.
  • If you do not have a login for Books UnBound, you can use the Law Library’s subscription on public access machines located in the Law Library. To gain access, please ask at the Reference Desk.