Library Study Room Reservation Help/FAQ

How Do I Reserve a Study Room?

There are two ways to make a reservation:

  1. Click on the “Reserve a Study Room” link at the bottom of the grid. A reservation screen will pop up. Fill in the time (up to 2 hours per session), location (choose an available study room) and name your reservation. You can give your reservation any name that you choose. This name will be viewable by others, making it easy for study partners to locate your group. Click “Make Reservation”. You will see a confirmation box pop up, and your reservation appears on the grid.
  2. You can also click on the grid itself to make a reservation. If you click on a specific study room, that room will be pre-selected for you when the reservation screen pops up. Follow the same directions as above and your reservation will be made.

What does “My Quota” mean? 

So the study rooms are available to as many law students as need them, each student is allowed to reserve four hours of study room time (in up to two hour blocks) each day. Once that quota is reached, you will not be able to make any reservations on your own. Additionally, multiple reservations by a law student for the same room must either fall immediately one after another or have a minimum of one hour between reservations. If there is study room availability and you want more time, feel free to come to the circulation desk of the law library on the fifth floor, where we can review reservations and give you extra time if possible. Why are some reservations in red and others in green? A red reservation means that the key is not checked out for that reservation. A green one means that the key has already been checked out. This is a good way to see if your study group already has the key or if someone made a reservation and did not pick up the key in time. 

How far in advance can I reserve a study room? 

You may reserve a study room up to two weeks in advance. If today is March 1st, you can reserve study rooms up to March 15th. If you need to make a reservation that is more than two weeks away, please ask the circulation desk for approval and they may be able to make the reservation for you. 

What is the grace period for picking up keys for a reservation? 

You have 15 minutes to pick up the keys once your reservation starts. For example, if your reservation begins at 1:00pm, you have until 1:15pm to check out the keys. At 1:16pm, the library staff reserves the right to cancel your reservation and give it to another student that may be waiting.

Who can reserve study room in the Law Library?

The Law Library's study rooms can only be reserved by law students, staff and faculty. Non-law students may reserve study rooms at other campus libraries, such as College or Memorial Library, by following this link.

Do I still check out keys from the circulation desk?

Yes. At the time of your reservation, come to the circulation desk with your Wiscard. The library staff will then check the key out to your account for the allotted time. 

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, as long as the reservation has not yet started. Doing so will make the room available to others and free up your quota time. Once a reservation has started, only a member of the library staff can cancel it. 

How do I reserve a time that has been allotted for a class or project? 

Some study rooms are reserved for special classes or projects, such as moot court. These study rooms will be reserved under the professor or project’s name, as communicated to the library by the professor in charge. Once that reservation has been made, the study room will be reserved only for that class, but broken into smaller amounts of time that can be reserved by students in that class.
For example, moot court may reserve a room from 9am to 5pm. Within that reservation, students can reserve an hour at a time (or whatever time is deemed appropriate by the professor). To reserve within that block, simply click on the moot court reservation and follow the same directions as you would to reserve a room of your own. 

If I have other questions, who can I ask?

The Circulation Staff is happy to help with the new reservation system. Feel free to either come to the circulation desk on the fifth floor of the library or call us at 608-262-1128.

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