Instruction & Classroom Support

The Law Library staff offers the following resources and services to support the teaching activities of the faculty and staff. 


We can help you, your research assistants and your students learn how to use a library database, navigate a variety of resources on a specific topic, provide a tour of the Law Library, or assist with individual instruction for research on a topic. To schedule an individual consultation or a classroom instructional session and/or library tour, contact Jenny Zook or complete our Request Instruction or Tour form.

Subject Guides

To assist your students in their research, we can create a guide to recommended resources specifically matched to the topic of your course.  These guides may be used in conjunction with a classroom instructional session or as stand alone guides.  Request a guide by contacting Jenny Zook or browse our existing subject guides.

Course Reserves

The Law Library offers both print and electronic course reserves. You may supply the item to place on Course Reserves or, if the library owns it, to move it to Course Reserves. It is the library's policy not to purchase books for Course Reserves although an exception may be made by contacting Vicky Coulter. To place an item on course reserve, please complete Course Reserve Request form.  Electronic reserve items are only available to the students enrolled in your course.

Course Pages

UW Madison offers Canvas as its course learning page host.  

Law School faculty and staff may also use TWEN via Westlaw and LexisNexis Web Course Pages.  For assistance, please contact our Westlaw or LexisNexis representatives, whose contact information may be found in the Law Library directory

Exam Archive

To help students prepare for exams, the Law School maintains an electronic archive of past exams. Instructors may choose whether or not they wish to have their exam placed in the archive. Exams are not loaded into the archive until after all the grades for all courses are are processed and completed. For more information, contact Jane Ford Bennett

Video Collection

The Law Library has a large collection of law-related feature films and documentaries which faculty and staff can show in class.  Videos are available at the Circulation Desk.

Print Cards

Contact us to request a print card for course and research-related copying.  Available to law school faculty and staff only. 

Plagiarism Detection

The Law Library staff has prepared a list of tips on how to detect and confirm plagiarism.

LexisNexis has a plagiarism-checking service called SafeAssign available through their course web page platform.  To use SafeAssign, you must receive a copy of the paper electronically (it won't work to scan a paper copy).  Then you upload the paper and it will run a check and compile a report for you. 

Note that SafeAssign shouldn't be relied on too heavily.  It may flag some things that are properly cited and may miss other things, such as books and articles not available electronically.  But it can be a good, quick starting point.

If you would like to use SafeAssign, you have a couple of options.  You can set up a LexisNexis course page for your course (or use an existing one) and have students upload papers themselves.  You can set it so that all uploaded papers are automatically checked.  For assistance with this, contact our LexisNexis representative, whose contact information may be found in the Law Library directory.

Or, the library staff can run a SafeAssign check for you if you send us an electronic copy of the paper.  We may also be able to do a manual check of a paper if you wish, although this takes more time.

If you would like plagiarism checking assistance from the library staff, contact Jenny Zook, the Law Library's Instructional Services Librarian, for a consultation.  Please briefly explain why you would like to have the paper checked for plagiarism.  It is helpful if you can identify specific passages or footnotes that look suspicious.

For more tips on detecting plagiarism and step by step instructions for using SafeAssign, see the Plagiarism Detection guide from the University of Michigan Law Library.

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