Network Connections for Laptops

Wireless Network

You can connect to the Law School's network and the Internet via the wireless Ethernet throughout all floors of the Law Library and in the atrium. Your laptop must have an 802.11b-compliant wireless network card, which can be purchased at the DoIT Tech Store or from a computer retailer.

See the Instructions on setting up the wireless Ethernet card on your laptop. The Help Desk (located in room 2115, near the Faculty Tower elevator on the 2nd floor) can assist you in configuring the card to be used on the Law Library's wireless network.

Wired Network

The Law Library has over 200 wired Ethernet jacks available on first, second, third, and fifth floors. The placement of red dots on the maps denotes the location of live network jacks ready for laptop use. Some jacks are available on table tops while others are built into the walls. Note that only the red jacks are capable of accessing the law school network. Although study carrels appear to have network jacks, you must plug directly into the red jacks in the wall.

You will need to have an Ethernet card in your laptop in order to access the Law School network. The Help Desk in room 2115 will provide assistance configuring your laptop to use the network. The Help Desk can also provide assistance installing ethernet cards. Ethernet cables are available for checkout at the Law Library Circulation Desk.


For additional assistance with network access or configuring a Macintosh, please contact the The Help Desk (located in room 2115 of the law school)at or call 262-5242. If you feel that there is a problem with a particular wired network jack, please make note of the jack number.

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