Computer Lab and Study Lab Information

Lab Access

The Law School Library's computer labs offer opportunities to complete coursework and a place to receive training on computer-assisted legal research tools. The Cook & Franke Teaching Computer Lab (Lab A) and Class of 1972 Study Lab (Lab B) are located on the second floor of the Law Library (see map). The labs are open during all Law Library hours.

Students are encouraged to work in groups in the Study lab and speak with normal voice levels. The Study Lab is meant to be used by groups that need to discuss their work. However, please respect others that are using the Teaching lab at the same time.

The computer labs may only be used by law students, faculty, staff, or other authorized users. Law users are assigned a unique login name and password to access the Law School network and are allowed up to 12MB of disk space for their personal use.

Hardware and Software

There are 24 workstations located in the Teaching Lab. In the Study Lab, there are 3 workstations attached to over-sized monitors for collaborative studying or group work. These monitors can also be connected to laptops or tablets via the available connecting cables.

All machines are Dell Pentium PCs running MS Windows.

Both labs are have the MS Office Suite and Adobe products installed.

Laser printing is available for $.07 per page from the printer located in the Study Lab. Printing is charged through your WisCard account. You can add money to your WisCard in a variety of ways. Add money to your WisCard online here.  

The Law School's computer labs do not have Macintosh computers. The nearest computer lab with Macintosh workstations is Helen C. White (College) Library, located at the corner of Observatory Drive and Park Street.

Law students may check out laptops from several UW Infolabs located on campus.  The check out period is three days.

Computer-Assisted Legal Research Instruction

Although both labs are available for general use, the Cook & Franke Teaching lab serves as a hands-on instructional lab. It can be reserved by law school faculty, staff, and student organizations for instructional sessions. Please contact a reference librarian for reservation assistance.

The library periodically offers (or sponsors) instructional sessions on our electronic legal research tools, such as Bloomberg Law, Westlaw and LexisNexis. If you are interested in scheduling a training session for any of the library's electronic research tools, complete our Request Instruction form or contact Instructional Services Librarian, Jenny Zook.

During instructional sessions, students not participating in the session are asked to use the Study Lab. Some instructors might permit students to use vacant computers during a class, however this use is at the discretion of the instructor.


The Help Desk (located in room 2115 of the law school) is able to assist with any questions regarding lab policies, software usage, or laptop network configuration and can be contacted at For additional assistance, contact the Library's IT Coordinator, Jarrod Bogucki

LexisNexis and Westlaw student representatives may also be available to answer questions regarding the use of those legal research systems. There is a dedicated area for each vendor in the Study Lab where representatives are available during posted hours. In addition, the reference librarian on the 5th floor can assist law students with their legal research needs.

If you have not been issued a Westlaw, LexisNexis, or Bloomberg ID and feel that you may qualify or you are having problems with your existing ID, please contact Emma Babler. IDs are issued to authorized Law School users only. 

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