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Indictment (VHS)
72 min.
- Instructional Video
In French with English subtitles.
On August 26, 1998, Stéphane and Fabrice surrender to the police, confessing to the murder of Mustapha K. committed three days earlier in the village of Vendargues, France. After 48 hours in custody they are brought up in front of the magistrate (prosecutor), Dominique Voglimacci. He is in charge of interrogating the suspects and witnesses, to bring the truth to light or, at least, to get as close to it as possible.
A film by Henri de Latour.
Injustice (DVD)
1 hr. 47 min.
- Instructional Video
"A film about greed and corruption in America's lawsuit industry."
Produced and directed by Rich Confalone and Kip Prestholdt; written by Rich Confalone, Kip Prestholdt, and Lauren Cardillo; edited by Jonathan Ross; music by Charlie Barnett and Brendan Canty; director of photography, Rich Confalone; executive producer, Brian J. Kelly.
Innocence Lost: The Plea (VHS)
113 min.
- Instructional Video
Originally broadcast May 27, 1997 on PBS as a segment of Frontline.
Revisit the defendants in the third episode of the Little Rascals Day Care sexual abuse case-- in which more than 30 people were accused and seven indicted on hundreds of abuse charges emerging from a daycare center in Edenton, North Carolina. Explore the serious questions about the validity of the testimony and the fairness of the trials which resulted in 12 life sentences for Little Rascals owner Bob Kelly and one life sentence for daycare worker Dawn Wilson, and wonder why, today, all charges against Kelly and Wilson have been dropped.
Written, produced and directed by Ofra Bikel.
In Search of the Constitution (VHS)
58 min. per tape
- Instructional Video
Published: New York : Public Affairs Television, 1987; distributed by PBS Video in 1989.
In this eleven-part series, Bill Moyers discusses the history of the Constitution, how it has been interpreted, and how it affects nearly every aspect of our lives. Includes conversations with Supreme Court Justices Blackmun, Brennan, O'Connor and Powell, and scholars Ronald Dworkin, Mortimer Adler, and Martin Marty.
[1] In the beginning
[2] Mr. Justice Blackmun
[3] Mortimer Adler, teaching the Constitution
[4] Mr. Justice Brennan
[5] Ronald Dworkin, the changing story
[6] God and the Constitution
[7] Strictly speaking
[8] Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
[9] For the people
[10] 1987 v. the Constitution
[11] Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr.
Senior executive producer, Joan Konner; executive producer, Richard Petrow; director, Vern Diamond; executive editor, Bill Moyers.
In Search of the Second Amendment: A Documentary (DVD)
111 min.
- Instructional Video
In search of the Second Amendment tells the story through interviews with professors of constitutional law, historians, and legal experts, together with original historical documents, many never before filmed.
Produced and directed by David T. Hardy; audio postproduction by Jason Miller.
Inside a Shari'ah court (DVD)
51 min.
- Instructional Video
Originally broadcast Oct. 1, 2007, on the BBC television program: This world. Portions are in other languages with English subtitles.
Spotlighting an outspoken judge determined to convey the benefits of Islamic law, the film presents cases, verdicts, and sentences that clearly illustrate ways in which Shari'ah is implemented in Nigeria.
Location producer and sound, Misha Maltsev; film editor, David Murray.
Inside the Jury Room (DVD & VHS)
60 min.
- Instructional Video
Segment from the television program Frontline.
Shows an actual jury deliberation as twelve men and women weigh facts, ponder evidence, and debate the meaning of justice.
Producers: Alan M. Levin and Stephen J. Herzberg.
International Law Video Course (VHS)
30 min. per tape
- Instructional Video
Published: Primos, PA: WTL Productions, 1995.
Each tape is about 30 minutes in length.
Tape 1. Nature and sources
Tape 2. States
Tape 3. Law of treaties
Tape 4. Human rights
Tape 5. International organizations
Tape 6. Use of force
Tape 7. Dispute settlement
Tape 8. International criminal law
Tape 9. Global concerns
Tape 10. Economic law
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education; developed by Elizabeth F. Defeis; produced in cooperation with the American Society of International Law.
Intimacy, Marriage, Race, and the Meanings of Equality (DVD) : Perspectives on the 40th Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia
- Instructional Video
Symposium sponsored by the Wisconsin Law Review and held November 10-11, 2006, at the Monona Terrace Convention Center and the University of Wisconsin Law School.
Introduction / Victoria Nourse -- On intimacy, immigration and subordination / Jennifer Chacon -- On interracial marriage / Reginald Oh -- Loving in contradiction panel discussion -- Keynote address / Rachel Moran -- On tribal miscegenation laws / Carla Pratt -- On the changes in rates of interracial marriage among different groups in the aftermath of Loving / Richard Banks -- On the portrayal of interracial relationships in the entertainment industry / Angela Onwuachi-Willig -- On interracial relationships as cultural evangelism / Rashmi Goel -- On race and family / Tonya Brito -- On the rationale behind the Loving decision / Tucker Culbertson -- On 'sameness' as a way to advance gay rights in the public discourse / Catherine Smith -- On the analogy of Loving to same-sex marriages / Adele Morrison -- On the challenges of critical consciousness within the context of interracial relationships in America -- Loving reconsidered panel discussion.
Into the Abyss (DVD)
107 min.
- Instructional Video
Originally produced as a motion picture in 2011.
In his exploration of a triple homicide case iin Conroe, Texas, Herzog probes the human psyche to explore why people kill, and why a state kills. His investigation unveils layers of humanity, making an enlightening trip out of ominous territory.
Written and directed by Werner Herzog, produced by Erik Nelson, cinematography by Peter Zeitlinger, editing by Joe Bini, music by Mark Degli Antoni.

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