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Dispute Resolution and the Courts (VHS)
117 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Washington, D.C.: National Institute for Dispute Resolution, 1988.
Case study: Community justice mediation
Case study: Court- ordered arbitration-Minneapolis
Case study: Court-ordered arbitration-Pittsburgh
Case study: Summary jury trial
Does America still work? (VHS)
57 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Alexandria, VA: PBS Video, 1992.
Originally broadcast on PBS in its series, Frontline.
At the height of the Rust Belt primaries, Frontline goes to Milwaukee where presidential candidates tap the deep-seated anxiety and insecurity that fuels tensions between American businesses and their employees. This program looks behind the heated political rhetoric to see how companies, workers, and civic leaders are wrestling with global competition and the end of an era of industrial affluence. In a volatile economic climate, what do corporations owe their employees and their communities?
Producers, Kathleen Hughes and Tom Casciato; executive producer, David Fanning.
Don't Defer that Dream (VHS)
20 min.
- Instructional Video
Encourages African Americans to attend law school.
Produced by Law School Admission Council/Law School Admission Services.
Drug Arbitration: A Demonstration (VHS)
150 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Chicago: American Bar Association, 1990.
Sponsored by American Bar Association, Section of Labor and Employment Law and the ABA Division for Professional Education.
Producer, Annette J. Cook ; directed by G. Hayden Brown.
Drug Treatment Courts: Applied Therapeutic Jurisprudence (VHS)
37 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Kalamazoo, Mich. : Western Michigan University, 2000.
Easerly v. Letwin (VHS)
24 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Cambridge, Mass.: Evidence Films, 1977.
Based upon a case tried in New York City wherein a real estate broker sues for his commission based upon a fabricated oral agreement with the buyer, the film depicts the defense attorney's successful attempt to introduce as evidence the plaintiff's identical claims in previous suits.
A film by Charles Nesson and Eric Saltzman.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (DVD)
1 hr. 50 min.
- Instructional Video
Based on the book "The smartest guys in the room" by Peter Elkind and Bethany McLean.
Originally released in 2005.
Special features: Feature commentary with writer/director Alex Gibney; deleted scenes; the making of 'Enron: the smartest guys in the room'; conversations with Bethany McLean and Peter Elking ; Firesign Theatre present: "The fall of Enron"; addition Enron skits (selections from discovered scripts); "Higher definition": the Enron show; where are they now?; a gallery of Enron cartoons; the original Fortune magazine articles; an index of websites with the latest information.
The inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America's seventh largest company walked away with over one billion dollars, while investors and employees lost everything.
Director of photography, Maryse Alberti; narrator, Peter Coyote; editor, Alison Ellwood; original music, Matthew Hauser.
Envisioning a More Democratic Global System (DVD)
145 min.
- Instructional Video
The great architects of democracy from Pericles to James Madison assumed that democracy applied only within countries. Now in the globalizing world of the 21st century, are we ready for democracy to be applied internationally? In April 2006, Widener University School of Law sponsored a symposium dedicated to this question. This video documentary is the story of that symposium.
Chairperson for the symposium: Andrew Strauss; speakers: Daniele Archibugi, Richard Falk, Greg Fox, Thomas Franck, Zaid Ibrahim, Robert Johansen, David Kennedy, Heraldo Munoz, Kinhide Mushakoji, Chandra Muzaffar, Liliana Obregon, Heikki Patomaki, Leila Sadat, and Kimon Valaskakis.
Equal Justice under Law (VHS)
6 videocassettes (30 min. each)
- Instructional Video
PUBLISHER: WQED Public Broadcasting Service, 1988.
Dramatizations of important decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court occurring while John Marshall served as Chief Justice (1801-1835).
1. Marbury v. Madison
2. McCulloch v. Maryland
3. Gibbons v. Ogden
4-6. The trial of Aaron Burr.
Host: E.G. Marshall.
Essays in Justice (VHS)
187 min.
- Instructional Video
Published: Columbus, OH: Capital University Law and Graduate Center, 1994.
Tape 1. Racial justice / Derrick A. Bell
Tape 2. Health care delivery / Daniel Callahan
Tape 3. Gender-based discrimination and harassment / Karen Lebacqz

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