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PAIS Bulletin (Public Affairs Information Service), 1969-1990 5 W s. 34
PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service)




5 W s. 34

PAIS International

PUR Digest (Public Utilities Reports)

     [See also Public Utilities Reports]

Ref KF/2085/A2/P83/Digest


Package WI-X:   Informational Copies of Wisconsin Tax Forms 2 E REV.6/2: F 67/1986-/
Package X:   Informational Copies of Federal Tax Forms 1 W T 22.2: P 12/
Pacific Reporter (California, Colorado, Kansas, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico). 4 E s. 11-12 (1st series) &
 5 W s. 4-5 (2nd & 3rd series)

     Statutes, Digests, and Reports


2 S (KPL)

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal (BNA) Ref KF/2976.5/B25
BNA Online
Patents, 1971-Present Nexis Uni
Pension & Benefits Reporter (BNA)

     [See BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter]

Pension & Benefits Week (RIA) Ref KF/3512/A6/P745
Pension and Profit Sharing 2d (RIA) Ref KF/3512/A6/P74
Pension Plan Guide (CCH)

     [subscription cancelled in March 2004]

     First Edition

     Second Edition


Ref KF/3512/A6/P76

Ref KF/3512/A6/P74

Ref KF/3512/A6/P75

Pension Reporter (BNA)

     [See BNA Pension Reporter]

Periodicals, Arranged alphabetically by title 3 E & 3 S
Permanent Court of International Justice. Collection of Advisory Opinions

     [See Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.  Judgements, orders and advisory opinions]

Permanent Court of International Justice. Pleadings, Oral Statements and Documents  4 E s. 19

     Statutes and Reports


2 E s. 10

Physicians' Medicare Fee Schedule

     [See Medicare Physician Fee Schedule]

Pike and Fischer Administrative Law

     3rd series

     2nd series

     1st series



Ref KF/5401/A52/A36

Ref KF/5401/A52/A35

Ref KF/5401/A52/A34

Ref KF/5401/A515

Pike and Fischer Communications Regulation

     [See Communications Regulation]

Pike and Fischer OPA Opinions and Decisions Ref KF/6037/A515/1944
Pike and Fischer OPA Price Service Ref KF/6037/A6/P55
Pike and Fischer Radio Regulation

     [Continued by Communications Regulation]

Ref KF/2810/A6/R33


Pike and Fischer's Desk Guide to Communications Law Research, Current Edition Ref KF/2810/A6/R33/Desk Guide
Pollution Control Guide (CCH)
     [Subscription cancelled in 1985]
Ref KF/3775/A6/P65

Portfolios, Tax Management

     [See Tax Management Portfolios]

Poverty Law Reporter (CCH)
     [Ceased publication in 1981]
Ref KF/390.5/P6/P68
Prentice-Hall Consumer Product Law
     [Ceased publication in 1980]
Ref KF/1606.5/P74
Prentice-Hall Federal Tax Citator Service (First Series), 1863-1954

     [Continued by Citator 2nd Series]

     [See also Shepard's Federal Tax Citator]

Ref KF/6285/U62



Prentice-Hall Federal Taxes (1st and 2nd) Ref KF/6285/P74
Prentice-Hall Government Disclosure Cases
     [Ceased publication in 1982]
Ref KF/5753/A515/1981
Prentice-Hall National Defense Service Ref KF/6021/A6/P74
Preservation Law Reporter Ref KF/4310/A15/P73
Presidential Documents, Compilation

     [See Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (until 2009) and Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents (after 2009)]


Preview of Supreme Court Cases




Law Library Periodicals

Nexis Uni

Price Control Cases (CCH) Ref KF/6037/A513/1944
Price Control Service, Volumes 4-5 of Prentice-Hall National Defense Service  
Priorities and  Allocations Service, Volumes 2-3 of Prentice-Hall National Defense Service  

Private Letter Rulings (IRS)

     [See IRS Rulings]

Proceedings of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin, Vol. 13 (1919)-vol. 35 (1946)

     [See also Report of the proceedings of the meetings ... State Bar Association of Wisconsin]

     [See also State Bar of Wisconsin annual [and] midwinter conventions]

2 E s. 24



Product Safety and Liability Reporter Ref KF/3945/A73/P76
Products Liability Decisions (CCH), Vol. 1 (1963/65)-vol. 3 (1967/70) Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 41
Products Liability Reporter (CCH) Ref KF/1296/A6/P76

Professional Conduct, Wisconsin, Rules of

     [See Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules, chapter 20]

Public Affairs Information Service

     [See PAIS Bulletin]

     [See PAIS International]

Public Bargaining Cases (CCH)
Ref KF/3409/P77/A5 &
Ref KF/3409/P77/A496
Public Employee Bargaining (CCH)
     [Ceased publication in 1990]
Ref KF/3409/P77/Z952

Public Laws. United States

     Slip Laws, Current

     Appearing in United States Statutes at Large


     104th (1995-96) - Current Congress

     93rd (1973-1974) - Current Congress


5 E sec. 27 &
LexisNexis Congressional

5 E sec. 21-27
Microforms Room, 2 W, atop cab. 9  GS 4.111: &
LexisNexis Congressional

GPO Access


Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

     Hoover (1929 - 1932/1933)-Present

     Clinton (1993 - 2000/2001)-Present

     [See also Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

     [See also 19th Century Masterfile, Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1897)]

Ref J/801/A283 &
University of MI




Public Personnel Administration: Labor-Management Relations (P-H) Ref KF/3409/P77/P77
Public Personnel Administration: Policies and Practices for Personnel (P-H) Ref KF/3580/G6/P83
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Reports

     [See Orders of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin]

Public Utilities Reports

     [See also PUR Digest]

Ref KF/2085/A2/P83


Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.  Judgements, orders and advisory opinions. 4 E s. 19
Publications of the Selden Society (English) 1 E s. 13
Puerto Rico

     Laws & Reports

     Session Laws


2 E s. 10-11

Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 45

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