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Madison City Directory, Current Edition Law School Office
Madison General Ordinances
Ref KFX/1814/A35 &
Municipal Code Corporation:  Madison
Manpower Information Service (BNA), 1969-76

     [Continued by Employment and Training Reporter (BNA)]

Ref HD/5724/M239


Manpower Law Service (CCH) Ref KF/6024/A6/M36
Maritime Commission Decisions (United States)

     [See Decisions of the Federal Maritime Commission]

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory

      Current Edition:

      Beginning in 2011, the library will only be purchasing volume 8 of the print edition.  In addition to Wisconsin, volume 8 contains listings for Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, & U.S. Territories; U.S. Government; Corporate Law Departements; and Law Schools (although we are not a "participating law school" and hence have no listing.)  The library will retain each year's volume.

      Older Editions:

      A) Library retains every 10th year, plus the last decade on-site: 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 - 2009

       B) All other library holdings are held off-site at the UW Madison Shelving Facility - "Place Requests" are required for their retrieval: 1932 - 1999 (holdings are incomplete)


    1 E s. 47-48

    UW Madison Shelving Facility
Mason's United States Code Annotated (1926) 4 E s. 3
Media Law Reporter (BNA) Ref KF/2750/A513
Medicare and Medicaid Guide (CCH) Ref KF/3608/A4/M43
Medicare Explained, Current Edition

    [see Social Security Explained]

Ref KF/3608/A4/M42
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Ref KF/3608/A4/M435
Mertens Current Tax Highlights Ref KF/6369/M42
Micronesia, Federated States of


KVS501.9 1982
Military Justice Reporter (West)

     [See West's Military Justice Reporter]



Military Law Reporter Ref KF/7606.5/M54
Milwaukee Code of Ordinances

     Current Edition

     Older Editions

Ref KFX/1851/A6/1941

Rare Book Room, Room L100

Model Code of Professional Responsibility (ABA) Cornell's Legal Information Institute
Model Penal Code (American Law Institute)

     Current Edition

     Older Editions

Reserve KF/9220/A43

1 E s. 47

Model Rules of Professional Conduct (ABA)

     [See also Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules, Chapter 20, Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys]

Reserve KF/305/A2,

Cornell's Legal Information Institute


Modern Federal Jury Instructions (looseleaf updates)

     [See also Federal Jury Practice and Instructions]

Reserve KF9682 A65 M64 1984


Modern Federal Practice Digest (West) 5 E bookcase tables

Monthly Catalog Congressional Serial Set Supplement, 1981-82

     [See also United States Congressional Serial Set]

     [See also CIS Serial Set Index]

     [See also Numerical List and Schedule of Volumes]

     [See also United States Congressional Serial Set Catalog: Numerical Lists and Schedule of Volumes]

Ref Z/1223/A15




Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications Ref Z/1223/A18
Monthly Checklist of State Publications
     [Ceased publication in 1994]
Ref Z/1223.5/A1/U5
Moore's Federal Practice 5 E sec. 56

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