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Labor Arbitration Awards (CCH) Ref KF/3421/A2/L33
Labor Arbitration Citations (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Labor Arbitration Citations]

Labor Arbitration in Government Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 31
Labor Arbitration Index, Vol. 4 (1977)-vol. 8(1980)

     [Continued by Labor Arbitration Information System]

Ref KF/3416/L33


Labor Arbitration Information System, Vol. 1 (1982)-Present

     [Continues Labor Arbitration Index]

Ref KF/3416/L33


Labor Arbitration Reports (BNA) Ref KF/3365/L324
Labor Cases (CCH) Ref KF/3310/A2/L33
Labor Law Citations (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Labor Law Citations]

Labor Law Reporter (CCH) Ref KF/3315/L32
Labor Law Reports: Employment Practices (CCH), Vol. 2 (1966)-Present

     [Continues Employment Practices Guide]

Ref KF/3464/A6/E485


Labor Relations Expediter Ref KF/3365/L32 v.11
Labor Relations Reference Manual (BNA)

     Vol. 1 ( 1935)-2007

     Vol. 1 (1935)-vol. 111

Ref KF/3365/L325

Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 31

Labor Relations Reporter (BNA), Vol. 2

     [Not kept up to date after 2008]

Ref KF/3365/L32
Labor Relations Week (BNA) Ref KF/3352/L33
Labor Relations Yearbook (BNA)
     [Ceased publication in 1984]
Land Development Law Reporter Ref KF/5697/A8/L36
Land Trends Ref KF/5697/A8/L365
Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States: Constitutional Law

     [See also Records and Briefs. United States. Supreme Court]

     [See also Government Briefs]

     [See also Supreme Court Briefs (FindLaw Constitutional Law Center)]

     [See also United States Supreme Court Briefs]

4 W s. 15






Law Books in Review 5 W s. 34
Law of the Sea Institute. Publications Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 37
Law Reports (English)

     [See All England Law Reports]

Law Reviews 3 E & 3 S
Law School Directories Academic Universe
Law Teachers Directory

     [See AALS Directory of Law Teachers]

Laws of Wisconsin

     [See Wisconsin Session Laws]

Lawyer's Edition, United States Supreme Court Reports

     [See United States Supreme Court Reports]

Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct

     [See ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct]

Lawyers' Reports Annotated Ref KF/132/A5
Legal Dictionaries

     [See Dictionaries, Legal]

Legal Forms, General

     [See American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d]

     [See Cyclopedia of Legal Forms]

     [See West's Legal Forms]

Legal Forms, Wisconsin

     [See Wisconsin Legal Forms]

     [See Callaghan's Wisconsin Pleading and Practice]

Legal Journals Index (English) 5 W Index Table
Legal Looseleafs in Print Ref KF/1/L43
Legislation Annual (Canada)

1989/1990 - 2008/2009

Subscription cancelled after 2009
1 E s. 18
Legislative Council (Wisconsin). Publications 2 E s. 25-26   Wis.Doc. Leg.3

Legislative Histories, United States

     [See United States. Legislative Histories]


Legislative Histories, Wisconsin

     [See Drafting Records]

Legislative Reference Bureau (Wisconsin). Publications

     [See also Drafting Records]

2 E s. 25  Wis.Doc. Leg2.3:


Life Cases (CCH) Ref KF/1173/A2/L54

Looseleafs, Legal

     [See Legal Looseleafs in Print]


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