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Habush Reading Room

Resources by Title

This guide lists the locations of many of the UW Law Library's most heavily used materials.

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Keyword Search

The guide indicates the location of materials by their floor, wing, stack, or section number and call number (where applicable). Maps are available for each floor of the library. 


E = East Wing
S = South Wing
W = West Wing
5 (etc.) = Fifth floor (etc.)
Ref = Reference Collection (located in Grand Reading Room)
Reserve = Reserve Collection (located behind Circulation Desk)
s. = stack
sec. = section
off-site = off-site storage facility.  Materials may be requested by submitting a form available at the Circulation Desk. 

Electronic Resources

Some titles may be available online through the Internet or CD-Rom. If a title is available electronically, a link is provided.   Access may be limited to Law School or UW-Madison connections due to licensing restrictions.

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