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F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports

     [See Uniform Crime Reports for the United States]


FCC Record

     Vol. 1 (Oct. 1-10, 1986)-Present

     Vol. 1 (Oct. 1-10, 1986)-v. 19, no. 31 (Dec. 30, 2004)

     1988-93 (Incomplete)

     [Continues Federal Communications Commission Reports]

Communications Regulation

1 W CC 1.12/3:

Microforms Room, 2 W   CC 1.12/3:

F.E.R.C. Reports

     [See Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reports]

FLRA Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases 1 W Y3.F31/21-3:9
F.E.R.C. Statutes and Regulations

     [See Federal Energy Guidelines : FERC Statutes and Regulations]

Fair Employment Practice Cases (BNA)

     Vol. 1 (1969)-Present

     Vol. 1 (1969)-vol. 29 (1982)

Ref KF/3365/L322

Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 31

Fair Employment Practices (BNA) Ref KF/3365/L32/ v.7-8B
Fair Employment Practices: Summary of Latest Developments (BNA) Ref KF/3365/L3215
Fair Housing, Fair Lending (P-H) Ref KF/5740/A6/F35
Fair Housing-Fair Lending Cases (P-H) Ref KF/5740/A515
Family Law Reporter (BNA) Ref KF/501/A3/F36
BNA Online
Federal and State Criminal Reporter Ref KF/9210/S55/1896
Federal Administrative Practice (West)

     [See West's Federal Administrative Practice]

Federal Antitrust Laws with Summary of Cases Instituted by the United States
     [Includes Transfer Binders: U.S. Antitrust Cases]
Ref KF/1649/C57

Federal Appendix

     [See West's Federal Appendix

Federal Banking Law Reporter (CCH) Ref KF/971.5/F43
Federal Carriers Cases (CCH), Vol. 1 (1936)-vol. 16 (1995)

     [Continued by Federal Carriers Reporter (CCH)]

Ref KF/1091/A513


Federal Carriers Reporter (CCH), Vol. 1 (1995)-Present

     [Continues Federal Carriers Cases (CCH)]

Ref KF/1091/A6/F43


Federal Cases 4 E sec. 5
Federal Claims Reporter (West), Vol. 27 (1993)-Present

     [Continues United States Claims Court Reporter (West)]

     [Continues United States Court of Claims Reports]

Ref KF/125/C5/U55



Federal Communications Commission Reports, 1934-86

     [Continued by FCC Record]

1 W CC l.12/2:


Federal Contract Compliance Manual, OFCCP (CCH)

     [See OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual (CCH)]

Federal Contracts Report (BNA) Ref KF/846.5/F43

Federal Digests (West) 1st-4th series.

4 E s 2-4
Federal Energy Guidelines : FERC Statutes and Regulations 1 W E2.18:
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reports 1 W E2.17:
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Statutes and Regulations

     [See Federal Energy Guidelines : FERC Statutes and Regulations]

Federal Energy Service (Matthew Bender) Ref KF/2120/A6/F43
Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reports (CCH) Ref KF/6571/A8/F43
Federal Excise Tax Reports (CCH) Ref KF/6600/A6/F43
Federal Income Tax Project (ALI)

     Final Editions

     Draft Editions

Reserve KF/64... &

1 E s. 46

Federal Jury Practice and Instructions

     [See also Modern Federal Jury Instructions]

Reserve KF/8984/D4/2000


Federal Labor Law Citations (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Federal Labor Law Citations]

Federal Labor Relations Authority, Decisions and Releases

     [See FLRA Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases]

Federal Local Court Rules (Callaghan) (All Federal District and Circuit Court Rules) 4 E sec. 1
Federal Maritime Commission Reports

     [See Decisions of the Federal Maritime Commission]

Federal Power Commission Reports 1 W FP1.20:
Federal Practice Digest (West)

     [See West's Federal Practice Digest]

Federal Practice Manual (West)

     [See West's Federal Administrative Practice]

5 E sec. 54


Federal Procedure:   Lawyers Edition 4 E sec. 1
Federal Procedure Rules Service
     Includes Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Federal Rules of Evidence
5 E sec. 56
Federal Register

     Current Edition


     Vol. 60 (1996)-Present

     Vol. 50 (Apr. 1985)-Present

    Vol. 48 (1983)-Vol. 50 (1985)

     Vol. 45 (1980)-Present

     Vol. 1 (1936)-Present

     Vol. 28 (1963)-Vol. 47 (1982)

      Vol. 1 (1936)-Vol. 27 (1962)

Annual Index to Federal Register (Print Editions)

5 E s. 31,
govinfo &
LexisNexis Congressional

1 W s. 1-2 &

Micro Room, 2 W, cab. 1  AE 2.106:

Micro Room, 2 W, cab. 3  GS 4.107:

LexisNexis Congressional

Hein Online

Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 28-29

Off Site Storage

Microforms Room, Index Shelves

Federal Reporter (West), 1880-1988

     1st Series, Vol. 1-vol. 300

     2d Series, Vol. 1-vol. 999

     [Continued by West's Federal Reporter]

5 E sec. 32-44




Federal Reserve Bulletin 1 W FR1.3:
Federal Rules Decisions (West) 4 E sec. 1
Federal Rules Digest (Callaghan) 4 E sec. 1

Federal Rules of ...

     [See Federal Procedure Rules Service]

Federal Rules Service (Callaghan) 4 E sec. 1
Federal Securities Law Citations (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Federal Securities Law Citations]

Ref KF/1068.4/F43/Citator


Federal Securities Law Reporter (CCH) Current



Ref KF/1068.4/F43

Ref KF/1068.4/F4

Federal Statutes Annotated 5 E s. 18
Federal Supplement (West), 1933-1988

     1st Series, Vol. 1-vol. 999

     [Continued by West's Federal Supplement]

4 E s. 5-6


Federal Tax Articles (CCH) Ref KF/6271/F43
Federal Tax Citator (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Federal Tax Citator]

Federal Tax Citator (P-H & RIA)

     [See Citator 2nd Series]

     [See Prentice-Hall Federal Tax Citator Service (First Series)]

Federal Tax Compliance Manual (CCH) Ref KF/6365/F4195
Federal Tax Coordinator 2d (RIA) Ref KF/6285/F44
Federal Tax Locator (Shepard's)

     [See Shepard's Federal Tax Locator]

Federal Tax Regulations (West) Ref KF/6276.99/F43
Federal Tax Service (CCH)

     [See Standard Federal Tax Service]

Federal Tax Treaties

     [See Tax Treaties (WG&L)]

Federal Taxes (P-H)

     [See Prentice-Hall Federal Taxes]

Federal Taxes Weekly Alert
Ref KF/6285/F445 &
Ref KF/6285/U55
Federal Trade Commission Complaints and Orders (CCH)

     [See Trade Regulation Reporter. Transfer Binder:  FTC Complaints and Orders]


Federal Trade Commission Decisions

1 W FT1.11; &
Federal Trade Regulation Service (CCH), 7th edition - 1932

     [Continued by Trade Regulation Service]

     [Continued by Trade Regulation Reporter]

Ref KF/1606.5/T72 7th ed



Fire and Casualty Cases (CCH) Ref KF/1196/A514
Fire, Casualty and Surety Bulletins Ref KF/1215/A6/F57
Food Drug Cosmetic Law Reporter
Ref KF/3866.5/F66
Foreign Relation of the United States


1 W, S1.1:

Microforms Room, 2W, S1.1:

State Dept.

UW Digital Collections

Forms, Legal

     [See Legal Forms, General]

     [See Legal Forms, Wisconsin]

Forms, Tax

     [See Tax Forms, Federal]

     [See Tax Forms, Wisconsin]


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