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EEOC Compliance Manual (BNA) Ref KF/3464/A6/E24
EEOC Decisions

     [See CCH EEOC Decisions]

     [See Decision. United States. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (GPO)]

EU Focus
     [Formerly EC Update]
Ref KJE/949/C662
EU Legislation, Parliamentary Questions, Preparatory Acts, & Treaties

Nexis Uni

Economic Controls (CCH)
     [Ceased publication in 1973]
Ref KF/6067/A6/E25
Economic Standards: prices, productivity, wages and salaries (CCH)
     [Ceased publication in 1981]
Ref KF/6067/A6/E26
Education for the Handicapped Law Report Ref KF/4210/A6/E38
Education Law Digest (West)

     [See West's Education Law Digest]

Education Law Reporter (West)

     [See West's Education Law Reporter]

Employee Benefits Cases (BNA) Ref KF/3509/A513
Employment and Training Reporter (BNA), 1977-78

     [Continues Manpower Information Service]

Ref HD/5724/M239


Employment Coordinator (RIA) Reserve KF/3319/E46
Employment Practices Decisions (CCH) Ref KF/3464/A6/E48/Cases
Employment Practices Guide (CCH), Vol. 1 (1965)

     [Continued by Labor Law Reports:  Employment Practices]

Ref KF/3464/A6/E48


Employment Relations Commission Decisions (Wisconsin)

     [See Wisconsin Employment Relations Commissions Decisions]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Ref AE/5/E36
Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences

    [See also International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences]

Ref H/41/E6


Energy Management (CCH) Ref KF/2120/A6/E52
Energy Report (Pasha Publications)

     [subscription cancelled in 2001]

     [Continues BNA's Energy Report]

     [Continues Energy Users Report (BNA)]

Ref KF/2120/A6/E54



Energy Users Report (BNA), 1973-84

     [Continued by BNA's Energy Report]

     [Continued by Energy Report]

Ref KF/2120/A6/E54




      Statutes, Digests & Reports

      Statutes in Force, Great Britain

     Legal Journals Index

1 E s. 1-14

Microforms Room, 2 W, cab. 37

5 W Index Table

English Reports 1 E s. 4
English and Empire Digest 1 E s. 4
English Ruling Cases 1 E s. 7
Environment Reporter (BNA) Ref KF/3775/A6/E57
BNA Online
Environment Reporter. Cases (BNA) Ref KF/3775/A5/E58
Environmental Law Reporter (Environmental Law Institute)
     [Ceased publication after v. 32 (2002)]

Ref KF/3775/A6/E58
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Compliance Manual

     [See EEOC Compliance Manual (BNA)]

     [See EEOC Compliance Manual (CCH)]

     [See EEOC Compliance Manual (GPO)]

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Decisions

     [See CCH EEOC Decisions]

     [See Decision. United States. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (GPO)]

Equal Opportunity in Housing Cases (P-H)
     [Ceased publication in 1983]
Ref KF/5740/A6/E65
Equal Rights Decision Digest. Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor & Human Relations Ref KFW/2734.5/D5/A495
Estate Planner's Alert Ref KF/748/S83
Estate Planning (P-H) Ref KF/750/E84
Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal (Tax Management) Ref KF/6365/T393
European Commission of Human Rights. Decisions and Reports

     [See Decisions and Reports.  European Commission of Human Rights]

European Communities Bulletin

     [See Bulletin of the European Communities]

European Communities, Official Journal

     [See Official Journal of the European Communities]

European Community Cases

     [See also Reports of Cases Before the Court, Court of Justice of the Euro. Communities]

Ref KJE/923.7/E97


European Convention on Human Rights. Yearbook

     [See Yearbook of the European Convention on Human Rights]

European Court of Justice Reports

     [See Reports of Cases Before the Court. Court of Justice of the European Communities]

European Court Reports. Court of Justice of the European Communities Ref KJE/5932/A7/E93
European Law Digest Ref KJC/30/E97
European Union Law Reports

     [See also Common Market Law Reports]

Ref KJE/949/C66


Executive Orders. United States. President

     Current (In Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents)

     E.O. 7316 (1936)-Present (In Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register)

     E.O. 1 (1845)-E.O. 7403 (1936)

     [See also CIS Index to Presidential Executive Orders & Proclamations]


Ref J80/A284 &

5 E sec. 30

Microforms Room, 2 W cab. 11


Executive Orders. Wisconsin. Governor

     [See Wisconsin Administrative Code for summaries or full-text (1983-Present)]

Ref KRW/2434/A2/W57


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