Article/Book Delivery

For Law School Faculty & Staff

Faculty/Staff Item Request - Request book, article, etc. to be delivered in print or electronically

For Law & Other UW-Madison Students

Materials owned by UW-Madison:

Find it - Find out if articles are available online, in print on campus, or not available on campus.

Book Retrieval - Request books from any campus library to be delivered to your campus library of choice. Use the library catalog's Place Requests button.

On-campus Document Delivery - Request electronic copies of articles owned by campus libraries.

Materials not owned by UW-Madison (Interlibrary Loan):

WorldCat - Request books from anywhere in the world to be delivered to any UW-Madison campus library

Interlibrary Loan - Request materials not owned by UW-Madison.

For General Public

Materials Owned by UW Law Library

Document Delivery Service - Request delivery of documents from the Law Library for a fee.

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