Journal Routing Request

Complete this form to request that the current issue of a print journal be routed to you, or to discontinue routing of a title. 

Consult our list of subscribed journals to see what is available.

Some journals, including select BNA reports are available electronically.  To subscribe, see Email Alerts & RSS feeds.



Office Room Number:

Journal(s) to be Routed: (separate titles with semicolon)

Discontinue Routing of these Journal(s): (separate titles with semicolon)

Please note:

  • Routed journals must be returned promptly so they may be routed to others.

  • Journals are subject to recall if requested by another library patron.

  • Journals will be delivered to mailboxes that are large enough to accommodate them. All other journals will be delivered to your office.

  • The campus automated system will generate notices regarding overdue journals so that current issues are available for other library users.

  • If journals are not getting to you as expected, please contact Mary Jo Koranda.

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