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May 7th, 2001
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New Developments in Law Library Network Access

Wireless networking for laptops arrives this fall in the law library. Those with Mac and PC laptops will be able to connect to the law school's servers without cable or wires. All that is needed is an 802.11b-compliant wireless Ethernet card for your laptop computer.

Wireless networking will be available on floors one through five in the law library, in the law school atrium area, and in the area surrounding the law review office.

The live network jacks in the law library will still be available for use on floors one through three. Maps of the the library's networks jacks are available at

Network access is also available via those public workstations labeled "Law Library Workstation." As a reminder, public workstations should be used for research and access to law library materials. Other uses, such as email, chat room, games, and recreational web-surfing are inappropriate.

For more information on accessing the law school network through the library, see Bonnie Shucha's article of 10/30/2000.

Good luck on your end of the year projects and exams, and have a fun and fruitful summer!

Written by: Sunil Rao
Reference Librarian

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