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April 2nd, 2001
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Movies and the Law

This week is National Libraries Week. To celebrate, the law library is sponsoring a contest. Below are abstracts from seven films. The object is to match the abstract with the film it describes.

The person with the most correct answers wins any two of the following prizes: a law school mug, a law school cap and a deluxe business card holder. If there is a tie, the prize goes to the person who responded the earliest.

Each abstract refers to a film which is a part of the law library's video collection. Summaries of all of the films can be found through the law library's web site (

Please direct all responses to Sunil Rao at no later than Friday, April 6.

1) Harrison Ford plays a district attorney charged with prosecuting the murder of a woman with whom he was having an affair, only to find that he is the main suspect.

2) In the course of defending a client who has murdered her spouse, an attorney played by Katherine Hepburn confronts her husband, the assistant district attorney, in court.

3) Alcoholic boston lawyer Frank Galvin struggles with professional and ethical choices surrounding his decision to take a medical negligence case to court.

4) A young lawyer played by Al Pacino takes on an "unjust" legal system as he defends a judge who is accused of rape.

5) A documentary that focuses on the Pittston Coal Company and the 1972 coal waste dam disaster.

6) Hart, a Harvard law student, struggles to make it through law school without alienating a tyrannical law school professor played by John Houseman.

7) An attorney played by Orson Welles represents two law students from the University of Chicago who are accused of kidnaping and killing a child. The story is based on the Leopold and Loeb trial.

8) Jimmy Stewart plays an attorney who defends an army lieutenant accused of killing of a bar owner. The story takes place on location in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with scenes in Marquette County's historic courthouse.

Written by: Sunil Rao
Reference Librarian

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