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October 30th, 2000
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Network Connections in the Library

More Laptop Network Jacks Are Now Live!!
Recently, a number of additional network jacks on the 1st - 3rd floors of the library were equipped with law school network access and are now available for laptop use. Maps of the library's live network jacks are available at Due to budget constraints, the jacks in the Grand Reading Room are not yet connected, but all electrical outlets are live.

Note that only the red jacks are capable of accessing the law school network. Some jacks are available on table tops while others are built into the walls. Although study carrels appear to have network jacks, you must plug directly into the red jacks in the wall.

You need an ethernet card in your laptop in order to access the law school network. The lab assistants in room 2390 will provide assistance configuring your laptop to use the network. Lab assistants can also provide assistance installing ethernet cards.

If you feel that there is a problem with a particular jack on 1st - 3rd floors, please email Eric Giefer, the Library's IT Coordinator at

Network Access from Public Workstations

Some of the public computer workstations in the library are also connected to the law school network. These computers are labeled "Law Library Workstation." Due to licensing restrictions, many of the Law Library's electronic resources must be accessed from the law school network. Therefore, you must be using one of these public workstations or another computer connected inside the law building to access them. These electronic resources are designated by a scales of justice symbol in the database list on our web site (

The other type of public computer workstation available in the library is connected to the UW-Madison General Library System network. These computers are labeled "UW-Madison Libraries Workstation." Several databases made available by the General Library System can only be accessed from this type of workstation or from a WiscWorld connection. These electronic resources are designated by a red schoolhouse symbol in the database list on our web site (

Please remember that all of the library's public computer workstations have been furnished to facilitate research and provide access to library materials. All other uses, including email, chat rooms, games, and recreational web-surfing are inappropriate. Law students may use the computers in the computer lab on the second floor to check their email.

Written by: Bonnie Shucha
Reference & Electronic Services Librarian

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