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October 23rd, 2000
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Printing from Public Workstations

As you may have noticed, procedures for printing from the public computer workstations on the fifth floor of the library have recently changed. This change was made to extend printing capabilities to all of the public workstations in the library, including those on the first, second, third, and fifth floors.

This change does not apply to the printers in the computer lab. Only the public printer on the fifth floor across from the Circulation Desk is affected.

Cost of Printing

You must have a debit card in order to print in the library. You can obtain one from the debit card machine in the Copy Center on the fifth floor of the library. As always, the cost of printing per page is $0.07.

Printing Instructions

From your computer workstation-

Print your document as instructed by the browser or other software application. As a general rule, choose "Print" from the "File" pull down menu. In the print dialog box, check that the name of the printer begins with "\\LIBRARY\ELAW..." Choose "OK" or "Print."

Note the name of your workstation, which is posted on the monitor. It should look something like "LawPub#" or "ELAW####" Then, go to the printer, which is located on the fifth floor in the group of public workstations across from the Circulation Desk.

From the printer-

Check that the printer is available. If there is already a card in the debit card reader, please wait for that user to finish printing.

The computer near the printer, called the Print Queue, manages print requests from all of the public workstations in the library. There should always be two open windows on the screen. In the right window is a list of all print jobs that have been sent to the Print Queue. When you first approach the printer, you should see your print job in this window. You can tell which print job is yours by matching it to the name of your workstation ("LawPub#" or "ELAW####").

Double click on your print job from this right window. This will open a list of print properties. Check to see if the "Print Banner" box is checked (on the bottom left) - if it is, you should click on it to uncheck it. If you do not do this, you will be charged for an extra banner page at the start of your print job.

Next, take a look to see if there are any print jobs in the left window. These jobs are currently printing or are next in line to be printed. If no one else's card is in the debit card reader and nobody seems to waiting for the printer, you should delete any jobs in this left window. To do this, single click on the print job, then click on the right-most icon in the toolbar which is a document with a red "X." Click "OK" twice, then on the printer, hold down "shift" and press "reset." If you don't delete these other print jobs, you will be charged for them!

When all jobs have been removed from the left window, insert your card into the debit card reader. Click and drag your print job from the right window into the left. The printer should now begin printing your document.

Written by: Bonnie Shucha
Reference & Electronic Services Librarian

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