Series III: Course & Speech Audio Recordings

This series contains audio recordings and descriptions of course lectures presented by Hurst for his 1978 course titled Introduction to Modern American Legal History at the University of Wisconsin Law School.  Topics include the origins of American legal order, the rise of federalism, and the impact of the growth of industry on the American legal system.  

The course description for the class from the 1977-79 Law School Bulletin reads: “The relation of law to some main currents in political, social, and economic thought in the United States; appraisal of the social function of constitution-making processes, the legislature, the courts, the bar, and the executive branch in United States society.”  

The course audio recordings are available in digital format below and on cassette tapes. Each one is approximately 50 minutes long.

Also included in Series 3 is a 1984 interview with Hurst and Marc Galanter about the history of women judges in Wisconsin, a 1983 discussion on the use of legislative history in legal research, and a speech Hurst presented in 1973 about the separation of powers.

The latter recordings are available only on cassette tapes. Contact a librarian for assistance with these tapes.

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