CD-ROM Law Databases

Library Computers

The Law Library subscribes to several databases that are exclusively available on CD-ROM format. In order to guarantee access for all patrons, these CD-ROMs have been loaded onto the three "law-pub" public access machines that are located near the reference desk with a Law Library Workstation sign.


*The following CD-ROM databases are available at each of the three computers:

  •  Bibliography of Early American Law
  •  Colonial and American Indian Treatises: A Collection
  •  Index to Law School Theses and Dissertations
  •  Index to United Nations Documents and Publications
  •  Lawyer's Reference Shelf
  • League of Wisconsin Municipalities Legal Opinions and Manuals
  • United Nations Master Treaty Index
  • Wisconsin Public Employment Decisions Digest (Updated WERC Digest) - Please note that there are two separate WERC databases available on each computer.

To Access each database, click on the appropriate icon that is found on the computer's desktop.  Each database will be updated as the Law Library receives new editions.

If you have problems or questions, please contact Kris Turner or ask a Reference Librarian

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