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Indian Legal Program

     The Indian Legal Program ("ILP") at the College of Law has become one of the most respected programs of its kind. The program was established in 1988 to provide legal education, scholarship and public service to tribal governments. With 39 Native American law students enrolled, the program has one of the highest concentrations of Native American law students in the country. The student body currently represents 25 different tribes from all across the United States. The ILP also has a very prestigious Indian Law faculty made up of Rebecca Tsosie, Robert Clinton, and Kevin Gover. The Program has over 100 alumni placed in various legal positions, including private firms, tribal communities, federal agencies, state offices, and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Most ILP graduates return to serve their tribal communities or other Indian interests. 

    The primary objective of the Program is to expand and distinguish the field of Indian law and further assist in the development of tribal sovereignty and self-governance. These goals are realized by increasing the number of Native Americans practicing Indian law, educating non-Native Americans about the concerns and issues facing tribal governments and by strengthening tribal legal systems through education and access to legal information.
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