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Coverage to present (Updated daily)
 - Access: UW Law users Anywhere
Expert analysis, news and alerts, practice tools, and guidance over the full range of legal practice areas. Also includes company and market news, information and filings, cases, statutes and regulations, state and federal dockets (comparable to PACER), and many transactional documents and clauses. To receive a Bloomberg Law password, you must be an authorized user affiliated with the Law School. Law School users may request access by completing the form at the Bloomberg Law website. Contact Emma Babler for assistance with Bloomberg Law passwords. More » Less «
Coverage 1950s to present (Updated daily)
 - Access: UW Madison users Anywhere
Tax and accounting materials including the complete federal tax code, regulations, committee reports, and rulings. Also contains the Federal Tax Coordinator, U.S. Tax Reporter, Federal Tax Handbook, a news/current awareness section, as well as state tax cases, rulings, and legislation. More » Less «
Access: Anyone Anywhere
This guide lists UW Law Library resources useful in substantive federal tax research. More » Less «
Coverage 1998 to present (Updated daily)
 - Access: UW Madison users Anywhere
Online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. It includes 20 book collections by theme, 24 periodicals, the OECD statistical databases, and the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals. More » Less «
Coverage to present
 - Access: UW Law users Anywhere
Model transactional documents (with legal drafting and negotiating tips), step-by-step checklists, timelines, handy overviews of transactional practice areas and legal updates on the latest market developments. Law School users can access Practical Law using their Westlaw ID. More » Less «
Coverage 1972 to present (Updated daily)
 - Access: UW Madison users Anywhere
Individual registration required for access. Tax Notes is a weekly magazine featuring expert commentary, analysis, and special reports on federal taxation issues. Tax Notes Today offers daily federal tax news and analysis, including primary source documents. More » Less «
Coverage 1781 to 2011
 - Access: UW Madison users Anywhere
United States regulations, laws and legislative histories relating to tax and to economic reform and stimulus plans. Includes the Carlton Fox legislative history collection and the History of United States Tax Conventions (Manz). More » Less «
(Updated daily)
 - Access: UW Madison users Anywhere
Federal, state, and international tax information and materials, and practice materials in antitrust law, securities, and health & human resources. Includes Federal Securities Law Reporter, Securities Regulation (Loss, Seligman, and Paredes), Antitrust Law (Areeda and Hovenkamp), Standard Federal Tax Reporter, U.S. Tax Treaties Reporter, and state tax reporters. Content was formerly included in IntelliConnect. More » Less «

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