Noise and Other Distractions Policy

Law Library users appreciate that the library serves as a quiet place to study. Please respect those around you by keeping noise and other distractions to a minimum. Talking in a loud voice, audible use of technological devices (cell phones, computers, etc.), food consumption, and other activities that may interfere with others' ability to study are prohibited. (See Food and Beverage Policy)

If you notice any distractions or inappropriate behavior in the library, please notify library staff right away so that we may promptly address the situation. 

Study Rooms:

These areas are designated for law students, faculty or staff who want to study together. Talking in low tones is allowed.

Class of 1972 Study Lab:

This collaborative workspace is designed for groups and talking in normal voices is allowed. Please be respectful of others that are working in the lab.

Quarles & Brady Reading Room:

Because even small sounds are amplified due to the acoustics of the room, the Quarles & Brady Reading Room requires patrons to be as quiet as possible while studying. When using the adjacent study room (5350) for viewing videos, keep the volume low or use headphones which are available at the Circulation Desk.


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