Limited Access Periods

In response to a request from the Student Bar Association to provide adequate study space for law students, access to the Law Library is limited during the exam period to law students, law faculty & staff, and individuals needing to do legal research or use Law Library materials, including our federal documents collection. 

Limited access begins four full weekends before the first proctored law exam. The policy remains in effect until shortly before the last law exam date. Extended hours, during which the library's weekend hours are lengthened, begins three full weekends prior to the last exam. Limited access remains in effect during extended hours.

Law students are given a green gargoyle sticker to put on their Wiscard to identify themselves (stickers are available at the Law Library Circulation Desk).  During limited access hours, monitors posted outside the library entrance will ask law students to show their Wiscard with gargoyle sticker.  Non law students and those not needing access to the Law Library collection will be directed elsewhere. 

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We appreciate your patience and cooperation and regret any inconvenience that this might cause. If you have questions about the library's policy on limited access, please submit them to the Law Library Suggestion Box.

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